Jörg Seifert

HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU)
Dr. Jörg Seifert – History and Metropolitan Culture

Jörg Seifert is an interdisciplinary researcher who merges design and cultural research. With his background of architecture and city planning he connects with diverse concepts of dwelling, multi-locality and the relational city (Schmitt et al. 2006, Bühler et al. 2006, Eisinger/Seifert 2012). In his publications he is interested in the field of aesthetics and the use of architecture and the city  (Seifert 2011, Rambow/Seifert 2006, Seifert 2005), aspects of informal life in the context of poverty, temporary and textile building, emergency shelter and a critical perspective in building at the line of poverty (Seifert 2009, Meyer/Seifert 2007, Seifert 2007a, b).